Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photo of the Day May 22nd

I so often have the camera out when the kids are out playing in the yard, because in addition to being my daughter's own personal paparazzi, I also like taking photos of the little boys I look after. Aside from the fact I think they're some of the most perfect and charming boys on the face of the earth, I also know that when I'm apart from Sophie I want to know what she's been up to - what sort of things she's done during the day, games she's played, etc. What better way to provide that for Rhys and Rowan's parents than having a camera at the ready to capture some of our daily fun? This shot is one of those moments... we had the sprinkler out on the lawn for the kids to run through, and I snapped this great shot of Rowan on the move, soaking wet from the "rain" as he was calling it. Sweet childhood moments like these too often pass by without us taking the time to appreciate them... I'm grateful for my always-handy camera and for having started this blog, which together give me the perfect excuse to capture these moments and hold onto them, not just in my heart.

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