Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photo of the Day May 17th

This afternoon was bright and clear, although a bit (okay a LOT) windy, and the beautiful sunshine inspired us to walk down to Tuckey's Home Hardware for some wood chips to smoke a pork shoulder on the barbecue. Sophie rode her bike while Chris and I walked, and although we got quite wind-blown we had a lovely time. After our stop at the hardware store (just outside of which a cherry tree is swiftly loosing its blossoms, scattering them across the sidewalk) we walked down Wortley Road and stopped for coffee and "the worlds best brownie" at the Little Red Roaster. I love living where we do... Old South London has everything we could ever want. We're surrounded by old trees and green spaces, quite close to downtown, surrounded by schools, and within walking distance of our bank, grocery store, library, pet store and about a hundred other places that make for either excellent window shopping or people watching. Talk about home sweet home...

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