Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo of the Day July 10th

I teach crafting classes from my home and recently created a series I've called "Inspired By..." where I create cards in colour schemes or themes based on some of the things in my world. Last month I planned one called "Inspired By: Book Club" where I taught three cards based on novels I've read with my reading group, and I'm planning one for either this month or next called "Inspired By: Neighbourhood Gardens". In preparation I've been tucking my camera into my pocket each time I set out on a bike ride with Sophie, and have captured some beautiful photos sure to inspire a series of lovely floral-themed cards. This garden in particular captured my attention, with its tiered layers of pink, orange and magenta flowers separated by neutral stone walls. I'm not sure what sort of card design it will inspire, but I can hardly wait to get out my papers and inks and get to work!

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