Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo of the Day July 7th

The street we live on has been undergoing a glut of construction that is on its third straight summer. Two years ago the section a few blocks to the right of our house was ripped up, last summer the construction moved directly in front of our house, and this summer they're hard at work beginning about one block left of our house. I will forever associate warm weather with the sound of dump trucks beeping as they back up! One of the side effects of road construction is the phenomenal amount of dust it produces, and that (combined with the noise) made our front porch completely unlivable last summer. This summer we were determined to get out and enjoy the porch again, and recently picked up some plastic (read: easily washable) Muskoka chairs for lounging on the porch and enjoying the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood. Those sounds may still include the "men at work", but we don't mind that much - at least we're outside smelling the fresh air and enjoying the summer.

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