Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo(s) of the Day July 19th

It only seems fair to give equal photo credit to both of Sophie's special birthday "cakes", so I simply had to feature the cupcakes we got her for today's family birthday luncheon. We're a big fan of the cupcakes created by Sweet Cakes in the Covent Garden Market, and since we had indulged in that lovely fishy cake by Fantasyland Specialty Cakes yesterday we decided to opt for something different today. I made a quick trip downtown when the Market opened this morning and picked up a dozen of the lovely, frothy treats in a mix of Double Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry, then assembled my seldom-used fancy silver two tier stand to display them on (once again justifying my rather large collection of serving plates and platters). What a fancy, girly, precious way to celebrate our fancy, precious girly!

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