Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo of the Day July 8th

Our little gardener is at it once again... when we went out to check her Morning Glory, the tomatoes and hot peppers Sophie decided the plants in our garden needed some care too, and asked us to fill the watering can so she could give them each a drink. She takes her job very seriously... and it's awfully sweet to see.
A question for those of you who keep up with this blog... Sophie's Morning Glory has produced a total of four blooms, each of which lasted a single day and then closed up and fell off. Is that normal, or is there a chance we're doing something wrong? Perhaps just too cool a climate? I would appreciate any feedback my green-thumbed friends and family could provide!

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  1. Morning Glories are named because they bloom once in the early part of the day. I am not sure it's normal they only bloom once and fall off but for sure they only bloom once per day and close up. I used to have them climbing up a side trellis so there were lots and I didn't notice if they bloomed and died or bloomed, closed and reappeared later!