Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo of the Day July 24th

I'm planning a card making class called "Inspired By: Neighbourhood Gardens" in which I design cards based on the colour, shape, texture or general "vibe" of the gardens I come across when Sophie and I are out for our walks. While I don't have any idea what most of the flowers I'm photographing actually are (three points to whomever can identify the one shown here!), I know what inspires me and that's what dictates the pictures I take. I find this flower with its three layers of warm colours, the slightly filigreed pattern of the inner petals, and the bright gold stamen in the centre a perfect muse for a card... while I don't yet know what it will look like, I'm sure it will be warm and welcoming with several layers. I'll post a link to my stamping blog when I've actually designed the card!

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