Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo of the Day July 18th

Crazy day, crazy day... We celebrated Sophie's birthday with a few of her friends at the Children's Museum today, and everyone had a great (and very active!) time. I was a bit disappointed that more kids weren't able to come, but there were five in total and they made enough noise that you would have thought there were ten - twice during the party other kids popped the party room door open to see what was going on because the noise was travelling down the hall! We played games, did crafts, ate popcorn and a lovely cake (shown here), opened presents, and played more games before heading out to explore the museum. After bringing Sophie and our friends Rhys and Rowan back to our place we thought everyone would be exhausted, but I think the excitement combined with the sugar rush (seriously - did you see the icing on that cake???) had everyone so wound up that "quiet time" was impossible: parental "wishful thinking" I guess! Everyone under 4' tall finally collapsed into bed before 8pm and the grown ups ate dinner in blissful quiet shortly after... whew!

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