Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photo of the Day July 22nd

We had such a great visit with my friend Meaghan, her husband Paul, and their daughters Madeleine and Isabelle today. Ours is one of those friendships that seems to have been pre-determined... our mothers were best friends throughout high school (and remain so to this day), and I Meaghan and I have always really enjoyed each other's company. We gave birth to our daughters just three weeks apart, and enjoyed many hours of baby play-time, mommy support-time (and scrapbooking!) as a result... it was fantastic having a friend who knew exactly what you were going through because they were going through it at the same time too. Unfortunately we don't have as many opportunities to spend time together these days as Meaghan and her family moved to Petawawa a few years ago, but a camping trip brought them close enough to town to allow us a great afternoon together at Storybook Gardens today. It was great to catch up - just to chat about little things and enjoy each other's company... but it was especially heart-warming to watch the girls together. Sophie and Madeleine got along beautifully, and it was so easy to see how they could become close friends. Imagine that: three generations of friends in the making... it's a thought worth treasuring.

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  1. Great shot! Beautiful girls! You and Meaghan, and Paul, can help make that friendship thrive with a little effort. If Sophie is anything like you Summer, that friendship will last her a lifetime.