Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo of the Day July 26th

Will this strange, rainy summer ever end? As anyone who knows me well will attest to, I do NOT like hot humid weather... my favourite time of year (from a weather perspective) is autumn. The weather is cooler, the annoying bugs die off, the leaves change colour and start to fall, and you get to hear that delightful crunching sound when you walk. And don't even get me started on roasted squash, pumpkin pie, and the start of "home made soup season" around our house... yum! So with summer time in mind - I like the sun, and I'm happy with temperatures of about 25 degrees as long as the humidex doesn't take that temperature and double it. Humidity is my enemy, and nothing turns me into a bigger whiner, complainer and all around grump than being stuck in 30+ degree weather and high humidity. But this summer? It's been too wimpy a season even by my standards, and that's saying a lot. We've had our little window air conditioner on maybe 3 times this year (good for our hydro bill!), and I still haven't put my sweaters away for the season since at least once a week I seem to pull one out to keep me warm in the evening. Then there's the rain... I heard someone on CBC Radio saying that we hadn't actually received more rain this year than in previous years, but I think they must have been looking at statistics from the west coast or something, because it seems that we can't go more than a day or two without getting dumped on. Not only have I barely had to water our garden in the past month, but mushrooms are growing like mad in our lawn... not just the odd one, but several different varieties, and dozens of them! At least the weather has been offering us variety in our types of precipitation, and today we were rained on by expressive, tumbling clouds followed by a wall of dark threatening grey. Cue the fork lightning and never-ending thunder...


  1. Since it seems to be a time for remembering. I remember you and I standing on the back porch in Windsor watch a violent lightning storm approach from the West, pass over us and then us watching it from the front porch as it disappeared into the East.


  2. I still love storm-watching to this day... there was an incredible one last night and a group of us stood in a darkened room watching the lightning flash. It was like being a celebrity being followed by the paparazzi!