Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo of the Day July 17th

Ahhh... what a great way to spend an afternoon/evening. I wandered through the Covent Garden Market for nibbly-bits, did lots of window shopping downtown, went swimming and for a soak in the jacuzzi (then swimming again, then back to the jacuzzi, then into the pool again... etc.) , had a nap, and curled up in the hotel's very cushy king-sized bed with a glass of wine and a book. My idea of perfection! After a very comfortable night's sleep and a great breakfast it was back to real life this afternoon, but with a reserve of energy to draw from. Many thanks again to my sweet husband Chris for such a great birthday present...


  1. Wait a second! You didn't mention Chris joining your there after work. Sure you're in bed alone in the picture but Sherlock Jones knows that someone took the picture of you and I'll bet it wasn't the maid.

    You look totally comfortable. What a great birthday gift!

  2. Mystery solved: the magic was my self-timing camera, sitting on the corner of the desk! LOL!