Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo of the Day July 27th

Inspired by Sophie heading over to Aunt Mary's for a sleepover, Chris and I went on a "date night" this evening! We had our hearts set on seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and when looking up theatres and show times I noticed something new... a "VIP" theatre at Westmount. I had no idea what the perks of a VIP theatre were, but after asking some friends we decided that the extra $5.00 a ticket might be worth it and gave it a try. What a hoot! You enter the VIP area through a candle-lit bar complete with fireplace, head past the concession stand (which had a much broader selection of nibbly-bits than the regular concession stand outside), and into the theatre itself. It's about the size of a regular theatre but with only a third of the seats, all larger and well spaced out. The seats recline, and come in pairs of two with tables separating each pair from the next. There's a menu on each table, and wait staff throughout the theatre who will take your order and deliver it right to your seat so you don't need to actually visit the bar or the concession stand. It's the first place I've ever been (aside from my living room) where you can do dinner and a movie at the same time - Chris ordered chicken fingers with plum sauce and sweet potato fries, I ordered deluxe nachos complete with guacamole, and we each enjoyed a drink from the bar while watching Harry, Ron and Hermione battle the forces of evil. What an experience! While I wouldn't choose to go to this theatre regularly, it sure makes for a great "date night", and for special movies I definitely see the appeal. I can't help thinking it would be fun to get a group of girl friends together to see the new Sex & The City film there, complete with cocktails!

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  1. What a fun idea! What is that glint in your eye by the way! Date night indeed!!!!!