Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo of the Day June 11th

We had nice evening with Chris's sister Mary and her daughter Courtney tonight... a relaxed visit, great conversation, play time with Sophie, and a make-your-own pizza dinner. It's one of my favourite meals to serve for a casual lunch or dinner with company, because everyone can be involved in putting dinner together - even the kids. Another bonus: there's no debate over pizza toppings the way there is when you order one in (one person hates onion but wants pineapple, another hates pineapple but was really hoping for onions and olives, a third wants only cheese - you know, you've been there!) This is a particular issue in my home, since I'm a vegetarian and Chris is a meat-lover... we usually end up ordering two pizzas and having leftovers the next day, because our pizza tastes are so dramatically different. So make-your-own-pizza is the perfect solution... we put out many bowls full of pizza toppings (some faves: roasted garlic, feta cheese, fresh spinach), line baking sheets with Greek pita (the kind without a pocket), pour on the pizza sauce and then let people go to work building their own pizza masterpiece. Custom dinners, happy guests, and a fun project to boot... you can't beat that!

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