Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo of the Day June 24th

Sophie's graduation from preschool was this morning and she had quite a cheering section in the audience. Her Grampa (my dad), Nanny (Chris's mom) and her friend Ross, Aunts Laura and Mary, and cousin Courtney joined us to watch Sophie sing four songs with her class on the stage at Calvary. After the "concert" we enjoyed some treats and Sophie got to pick up her diploma and end-of-year project - a super cute Calvary t-shirt that the kids tie-dyed themselves in class last week. It was difficult to get clear photos of the stage from the audience, but I did manage to capture this quick shot while Sophie and a couple of the other kids in her class were about to head into the auditorium for hugs and congratulations from their families. Such a sweet concert (the kids in all three classes were really very good!) and a great way to end her time in 'little kid school'. Next up: the freedom of summer time, her fourth birthday and a couple of fun weeks at "summer camp"... it's great a great time to be a kid!

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