Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo of the Day June 22nd

Today is Sophie's last day of Preschool before her big "graduation ceremony" on Wednesday, and I thought I would end the year the same way I started it - with a photo of Sophie heading off to school with her sweet little giraffe backpack on. The backpack was a gift from my mother (or "Red Haired Grandma" as Sophie has dubbed her) and she's worn it every day to school. We've been told that it probably won't be big enough for her JK supplies in the fall so I want to enjoy every last minute of her wearing it around - it's so sweet and just the right size for her little back. The last day of school at Calvary... the end of her "little kid school" and the start of "big kid school" in the autumn. My goodness it seems to go by fast!

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