Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo of the Day June 19th

Happy Birthday Dad!

One of the reasons for my Dad's visit to Ontario is his birthday... we had hoped to visit him for a few days but weren't sure if we could actually make it to Montreal this week. It was a nice surprise that he was able to get away from work and visit us here, and once we rested up from our long day in Toronto on Thursday we enjoyed much of his birthday together. Sophie, Dad and I went to the Covent Garden Market in the afternoon and picked up some pretty impressive T-bone steaks from Chris's Country Cuts followed by asparagus, green beans, elephant garlic and mushrooms from Havaris Produce. Once we arrived home it was cupcake making time, with Sophie as my little helper. She loves helping in the kitchen, and is very proud of the hard work she put in to mixing the cupcake batter ingredients and putting on the sprinkles! Since we planned on a late dinner for the grown-ups we popped a candle in one of the cupcakes and sang "happy birthday" to Grampa before Sophie went to bed... a nice way to end Sophie's day and start the evening for the older folks!

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