Thursday, June 4, 2009

Photo of the Day June 4th

Sophie and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon... or more precisely, I walked while Sophie rode her tricycle. She loves riding her bike, and has stamina that never ceases to impress me. She's ridden all the way to Tucky's (our local hardware store) and back, and that's over 10 blocks each way... and when we got home she complained about having to get off the bike! This walk was shorter - we went on a meandering 10 - 12 block route through our neighbourhood. Along the way we "stopped to smell the roses" (and any other flower we could find) which lead to her pick some small white clovers. When I noticed how difficult it was for her to hold them while steering straight, I fashioned a small tie from the stem of one flower and mounted them on her handle bars. Such a pretty, girly embellishment for her rough and tumble bike... natures answer to those bright plastic handle bar streamers. 

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  1. A fun thing to do and a fun shot.