Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo of the Day June 12th

Sophie's JK Orientation was today (yes, she's actually going into JK in the fall!), and it was a very interesting experience for me. She's going to be going to Tecumseh PS, which is not only right in our neighbourhood but is also the public school I've been volunteering at for several years as a member of School Council and editor of the school newsletter. Then there's the fact I spent my Grades 6 through 8 years as a student at Tecumseh, so I have a real comfort level with the school on a lot of levels. That combined with the fact that Sophie's been in preschool three mornings a week this year lead me to believe that I would have no problem at all with preparing her to move on to "big kid school"... so why was I a nervous wreck today? The day started fine, but as I was getting ready for her to return home from preschool (making lunches, cleaning up her shoes from where they were scattered in the hall) I started to get a bit twitchy... and by the time Chris returned home from a grocery run my hands were actually shaking. I have no idea what exactly was making me nervous about the experience, since we talked about the "big" things and I ruled them all out (Will she like her teacher? Ms. Orr is fabulous, and Sophie likes everybody! Will she make friends? She's so outgoing that she'll just walk up and start talking to who ever she feels like talking to... and like I said, she likes everybody...) After much debate I have to assume my trouble comes from acknowledging that Sophie is almost school-aged. Time has passed. My baby is growing up, and doing so faster than I'm prepared for. Sigh. I know this is a realization that parents everywhere have had, and I've had it too in bits and pieces... but something about "big kid school" really drove it home. It just goes by so fast...

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