Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo of the Day June 29th

A "Morning Glory" update!
As discussed in previous posts here and here, Sophie planted some Morning Glory seeds at preschool a while back and as a result we have our first ever living green thing in our home. My mother has a wonderful green thumb which I certainly did not inherit, but it seems maybe Sophie did... we've now had this plant for a record-breaking three months and not only is it still alive but it's thriving. We've repotted it several times and now that the warmer weather has arrived we've given it a spot on our Westward-facing front porch so it can soak up the afternoon and evening sun. This morning Sophie was over the moon when she saw that it had finally bloomed its very first flower, in a lovely shade of blue (we had no idea what colour the flowers might be.) I must look up how long the blooming season for a Morning Glory is so I can let her know how long the flowers are likely to last...

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