Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo of the Day June 21st

As mentioned in a previous post, my father is in Ontario visiting us from (too-far-away) Montreal right now, and since we were planning a visit to Wallaceburg to visit my Grandmother in June we decided to wait until he was here to make the road trip. Today was a great day for such a drive, and after stopping for breakfast and coffee we hit the road. Grandma lives at Fairfield Retirement Home and when walking through you notice lots of little public spaces and nice cozy areas to tuck in for a visit if you feel like leaving the resident's room... Sophie's always anxious to head out for a ride on my Grandmother's lap to visit the birds that live at the home, and we often enjoy our visits with the chattering of budgies in the background as a result. Here, Sophie and Grandma enjoy a cuddle after making the grand tour and before heading to lunch...

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