Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo of the Day June 3rd

Sophie's First, Second, and Third Birthday angels... gifts from Aunt Kathy and "Unca" Wayne.
We've been researching venues for Sophie's birthday party today. We kept her first three birthdays quite low-key... some times we were away at a cottage, and when we were home we simply invited family over for dinner and cake. However, she attended her first-ever "kids" birthday party earlier this year and immediately started asking if she could invite her friends for a birthday party this year. We decided to go for it... and with her year at preschool coming to an end in a few weeks we want to nail down the details as soon as possible so we can invite some of her school friends. Up for debate: Kidscape (where her friend Lily's birthday party was held), Storybook Gardens (one of Sophie's favourite places), and the London Regional Children's Museum (another fave, and I believe the "winner" after all our birthday-party research.) I'm already surprised at how much research and planning (and money!) goes into a birthday party for 8 four-year-olds... I can only imagine what the next ten years of birthday party planning will look like!

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  1. What a cool idea. Way to go Aunt Kathy and Unca Wayne!