Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo of the Day June 25th

Today marks the end of what seemed like a very short visit with my Dad, who flew in from Montreal last week. Sophie loved spending time with her Grampa while he was here (she even got him to play Barbies with her - super exciting stuff!) and I know she'll be asking why he can't come over to play with her now that he's gone home. The time we shared was eventful, starting with Dad's birthday dinner on Friday to Father's Day on Sunday and a nice evening spent with my Uncle Raymond and Aunt Maryam on Tuesday... an especially rare occasion since they've been living in Italy for six months and were just passing through on their way back to their home in Edmonton. It's not often that my Albertan, Ontarian and Quebecois family can all be together in one place at one time... now if we could only arrange for my Uncle Alan (from New Brunswick) to somehow be here as well it would be a proper Canada-wide family reunion!

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