Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo of the Day January 12th

Today Sophie's the "VIP", which is a program run in her kindergarten class where one child a day gets to be the centre of attention... they sit in a special chair, get to be the line leader for trips outside the classroom, do special jobs for the teacher and bring something to share with the other children - a "show and tell". The theme of this month is Winter, so parents were asked to send something wintery for show and tell on their child's VIP day - Sophie chose a page from my scrapbook that featured pictures we took on a sleigh ride at Storybook Gardens last year, and one of her newer stuffed animals, a dog wearing a scarf. She practiced what she was going to say the night before as well as in the morning before school, and was very proud to display both her show & tell items and her public speaking skills today. Great job Sophie!

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