Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day January 20th

Well here's something I never thought I'd be doing... I spent part of my morning painting the fingernails of my young friend Rowan. He'd asked me to clip his nails (he had a catch on one, which drives him crazy), and when I pulled out the clippers from my big bag of manicure stuff he was intrigued by all the polish colours. I put a couple on my nails to show him what they looked like and he immediately lined up the colours he liked and showed me which nails he wanted them on. He got a big kick out of the darker colours in particular, although about five minutes after the last nail was painted he decided he'd had enough and wanted the polish taken off again. Turns out he's not so much of a nail polish guy after all - it was just a phase!
On a completely different note, I'm sending much love and healing thoughts to my cousin Lisa today... she's going in for gall bladder surgery in the morning. Once her recovery is complete I know she's going to feel so much better than she has been - it's a good thing, even though there's the painful hurdle of surgery to get over first. Good luck Lisa... I love you!

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