Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day January 19th

Home-made vegetable broth simmers on my stove

I'm thrilled to say that the Soup Making class went incredibly well tonight! Despite a couple of "what have I gotten myself into?" moments during the planning stages, the class itself went off without a hitch and 7 happy participants went home with pots of Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup with Beef and Curried Squash and Coconut Soup. I need to think about how to change the required preparation for this class if Tecumseh Community School would like to run it again though... with a limited budget and so many needed supplies it was a real challenge to make it work. One of the biggest cost-saving (but time-consuming) measures I put in place was making vegetable broth for the soups instead of buying ready-made. We needed 28 cups of vegetable broth between the two recipes, so I think buying the cartons would have eaten up my entire budget and then some! Thanks to Chris (who offered to cut all the veggies and strain the broth at the end) the majority of my time was invested in the 6+ hours it took to stir, taste and re-season the broth as it was cooking. There's nothing like a home made version over store-bought though, in the sodium content alone if nothing else!

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