Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo of the Day January 8th

Our salmon, nestled on a bed of leeks and basil and waiting to be steamed.
I decided to serve some kind of fish for dinner this evening, along with a nice long grain and wild rice with mushrooms, and a few fresh veggies. I like to involve Sophie not only in the cooking process, but also give her some say in what we serve for dinner in the hopes that she'll be more likely to eat it if she's part of the decision making. It usually works, but to keep her from suggesting macaroni and cheese or peanut butter every night I need to be very specific about what part of the meal she has control over - I let her pick out which vegetables we'll eat, or decide what sort of sauce to put on our pasta, that sort of thing. Today she got to pick out which fish we were going to have, and after wandering up and down the fish counter at Metro looking through the glass she chose "the pink one" (the Atlantic Salmon fillets shown above) before turning her attention to the always entertaining lobsters in their tank at the end of the counter. Sophie and I have had quite a few conversations lately about the foods we eat - specifically meats and where they come from/what they actually are. She's starting to draw the line between the chicken nuggets she loves and the actual bird, the turkey we served at Christmas and its feathered counterpart, and that the fish we eat that was once swimming around in the ocean... these are not always easy conversations for me (the vegetarian mommy). I've maintained a fairly "just the facts ma'am" style of communicating these things with her, and I was waiting with rather baited breath for her to start asking me about the lobsters in their tank, but I think she hasn't made the leap from them being entertaining creatures to look at whenever we're at the grocery store to being food. I'll be interested to gauge her reaction when she realizes that a potential dinner is staring at her from the other side of the glass...

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