Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day January 21st

The littlest folks in my house are in serious need of some cough suppressant right now... both Sophie and Rowan have coughs that sound like sandpaper, neither of them are much interested in eating, and Rowan in particular seems out of breath a lot. What's remarkable about it is their complete disregard for being under the weather... Sophie was disappointed when I kept her home from school today, and aside from being a bit grumpier than normal you'd never know she wasn't well. Rowan was such a ball of energy that I would have thought he'd never felt better, and despite not napping he was still racing around the house on the Winnie-the-Pooh car when it was time to head home. So it was a busy afternoon full of games, toys, and playtime in the tub despite the house echoing with both their coughs. No sitting on the couch all day under a blanket, watching TV for these guys!

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