Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day January 18th

My School Council Co-Chair Mary Jane and I at the morning Coffee-Drop-in... why aren't I holding a coffee?

One more busy day checked off my list... This morning I helped run the first of what is intended to be a new regular event at Tecumseh Public School, a Coffee Drop-in. It's a parent involvement initiative that gives people the opportunity to meet informally with the Principal, members of school staff and parent volunteers to learn about current events, ask questions and have informal conversations over coffee and snacks. Sadly it was poorly attended, but we're hoping that all the work we've put in will pay off in future sessions and that word of this monthly event will start to spread. Certainly those who attended had some great conversations about everything from school safety to the process for giving out student awards, so it was worthwhile. After the Coffee Drop-in wrapped up I spent some time volunteering in Sophie's classroom, and then I Co-Chaired our monthly School Council meeting in the evening... which left me feeling like I spent almost my entire day at Tecumseh. With teaching that soup making class at the school tomorrow night, I'm thinking of setting up a cot!


  1. Did you realize that the two of you were going to wear similar outfits? Maybe you are just that much in sync!

  2. Isn't that funny? It's like we looked up "appropriate School Council co-chairing ensembles" and followed the instructions or something!