Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo of the Day January 13th

When my good friend Valeeta left for her 5-week vacation in Australia, she presented me with a wonderful babysitting job: to look after her Cricut while she was gone. For those of you who may not be into paper crafts, the Cricut (pronounced "cricket", like the bug) is a very high-tech electronic cutter... you type words or phrases using the keyboard, slide card stock into the machine and hit a button - it instantly cuts your words out using an array of great fonts. Perfect for doing titles on a scrapbook page, or quickly creating raised elements and messages to use in hand made cards - I've had "Cricut envy" for a very long time. Naturally I jumped at the chance to hold onto it while Valeeta was away, thinking I would take the time to pre-make a bunch of flowers, scrapbook page titles, and whatever else popped into my head. Of course, Christmas came and between my holiday preparation and being away for a week I didn't have a chance to use it. Then, with the arrival of the new year and Sophie's return to school my schedule of volunteer responsibilities suddenly increased, and I've been lucky to fit in even six hours of sleep a night... more often it's been five. Not much time for crafting there. So I used it a total of once - to create a display board title for a project I'm working on for School Council... and now Valeeta is back from her vacation and I need to return the much-lusted-after Cricut to her without having done a darned thing for myself with it. So much for my dreams of spending hours playing with this lovely toy - sigh!

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