Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo of the Day January 5th

You know the old saying about buying children expensive toys only to find that they prefer playing with the box the toy came in? I've been amused by how much attention this particular non-toy item has gotten for a couple of years now... it may look like a sculpture here, but it's actually a series of hand carved wooden items that Chris and I picked up at a market in Roatan (an island just off the coast of Honduras). A set of five wine-style glasses with carrying tray, a set of six shot glasses also with its own tray, and a small bowl with its matching lid seem to hold endless stacking possibilities for Sophie, and I'm always amazed when I come across her latest tower of creativity. Perhaps we have a future architect on our hands?


  1. Gee arranging things in some order... what little girl used to do that in stores when we went shopping? Oh, yeah. Summer! I know where Sophie gets her talent.

  2. Yes, I guess that does run in the family!