Sunday, January 3, 2010

Video of the Day January 3rd

We don't post videos very often, but I know that a picture of the mountains of snow that have been falling on us wouldn't photograph very well, so this video recorded by Chris out our bedroom window seems like a good alternative. We went all the way from autumn through Christmas without having any good old Canadian winter weather, and boy are we paying for it now! The wind is blowing, the snow is falling (well, not so much "falling" as whipping past on an almost horizontal trajectory) and we're reminded once again that we live in the great white north. I spent a good part of my morning shoveling, and I must say it went well... well enough that after shoveling both the front and back walks and stairs as well as the driveway I still had the energy to shovel the foot of one neighbour's driveway and the staircase of another. I felt like I really earned the hot chocolate (with kaluha) that Chris suggested I have as a reward when I came inside all rosey-cheeked and frozen!

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