Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photo of the Day April 15th

I received a large Stampin' Up order yesterday, and with five more stamp sets needing to find a home in my creative corner it was a perfect time to utilize some of the organizational accessories Chris installed for me this week. I pour over craft and scrapbook magazines for new ideas and have always loved the different styles of inkpad "caddies" available, but as most of them are table-top spinning designs they don't really fit my limited space. While preparing for a spring yard sale I came across an old cassette tape holder in our basement and had a flash of inspiration... and was thrilled when I tried my inkpads out in the cubbies and they were a perfect fit! It's now mounted on the wall by my desk, and another re-imagined space saver hangs below it: two metal cutlery racks from Ikea. They're meant to be used with "S" hooks to hang flippers, stirring spoons and other kitchen gadgets - I have two of these fantastic things helping me avoid cutlery clutter in my kitchen right now. It turns out that when mounted they're also the perfect size to act as punch holders, making them easy to see and (happily) up out of the way on the wall. Mmmm organization... having my craft supplies easy to identify and pull out makes me want to get busy making something right now!

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