Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo of the Day April 17

Okay, I officially feel safe saying it now... Spring IS Here!  Gosh it was nice getting outside today... both Rhys and Rowan were here and while Rowan recharged with a morning nap, Rhys and I went  to pick Sophie up at preschool. A fascinating walk, since much of our street is torn up due to the yearly bout of construction... we got to watch a large backhoe dig up the street and dump lots of dirt and gravel into a dump truck - very cool! After picking up Sophie we came back home and spent an hour or so playing out in the yard. As usual Sophie suggested that she and Rhys pretend to be animals, and after some discussion they decided to be fruit bats who live in a cave (the garage) and come out to eat insects (the chives from our garden). Here they are in mid-flight from their "cave" to where I sat holding out a chive in each hand for them to grab with their little bat paws. You've got to love the imagination of a three-year-0ld!!!

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