Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo of the Day April 3rd

When preparing dinner tonight I got out the bamboo steamer we picked up in Montreal's Chinatown last summer when we were visiting my father. It's a many-layered device, allowing you to steam an assortment of veggies, dumplings and/or fish all at the same time - as you build your meal you likewise build a taller tower of steamer baskets. This evening I chose to use only a single layer to steam Basa, a firm whitefish. Served with roasted green beans and brussel sprouts and a very simple noodles Romanov on the side, it was a simple and delicious meal. Click here for the recipe!


  1. You should have your own cooking show too!

    By the way, Chuck's Day Off is on the Food Network on Monday nights. You remember Chuck, he gave you a hug at his restaurant.


  2. Of COURSE I remember Chuck - and in fact, I've put "appointments" in Outlook for when the show is on so I'll remember to watch. I missed the first one though (Bro Show)...