Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo of the Day April 26th

About a week ago Sophie and the rest of her preschool class planted Morning Glory seeds in old yogurt cups and brought them home so we could watch them grow. Sophie's been taking such good care of her little experiment, which I repotted in a clay pot once it started to sprout... every morning the very first thing she wants to do (even before getting out of her nightgown or brushing her teeth) is go check on her Morning Glories to see how they've grown. They're doing great, getting taller, and I'm sure at some point will bud into little flowers - I can't wait to see her reaction to that stage of their little flowery development!


  1. Sophie looks like she just got out of bed and isn't quite awake yet. I look like that until about noon even if I get up a 7 am.


  2. Indeed, she did just get out of bed and wasn't awake yet... the morning glories are just that important.

    And why do you think you haven't seen any of MY morning photos on this blog yet?!?! LOL!