Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo of the Day April 22nd

We've been making an effort to include a few hours a week of strictly "family time"... no phone calls, no computer or TV, no distractions (so spending time chatting with Chris and Sophie while I clean the bathroom doesn't count!) Today we booked some of that time for a trip to Museum London, our local art gallery (Sophie & I are posed in front of it above). Sophie particularly liked the exhibit by Walter Redinger called "The Ghost Ship and Maps of the Cosmos", which featured a giant almost skeletal ship that appeared to be made out of bronzed driftwood branches but was actually fiberglass. We stopped briefly at the exhibit called "Cultivating Care: Life and Treatment at London's Asylum", but decided to leave Chris there to investigate while Sophie and I moved up to the third floor and away from the recreated hospital rooms and lobotomy tools (shiver...) With that slightly creepy exception we had a great time, and wrapped up our afternoon with a coffee date at Starbucks, where Chris and I enjoyed some free Pike Place Blend coffee (a promo for Earth Day when you brought in a reusable tumbler) and Sophie sipped chocolate milk. I'm already looking forward to our next family time...

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