Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo of the Day April 16th

This afternoon just called for a latte... as I'm sure many of you know (especially those of you who've given me gift cards for Christmas or birthdays), Starbucks is my "happy place". I love the music they play in the cafe, I love the Baristas and how friendly and chatty they are, and of course I love the coffee.  Truth be told, a regular cup of Starbucks coffee is a tad too strong for me, but their chai lattes are to die for - and add their Toffee Nut syrup to anything from a latte to a frappuchino and I'm in heaven. I have my wonderful "Barista Centre" (thanks again, and again, and again Mary!), but there's something about the atmosphere of my local Starbucks cafe that my kitchen just can't match... 

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