Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photo of the Day April 7th

Today passed in a flurry of activity, and one of the highlights was a research study that Sophie took part in at the University of Western Ontario. The study looked at preschoolers' development in the areas of parent-child relationships, emotion regulation and thinking, and was made all the more interesting by the fact that both Sophie and I were hooked up to monitors to record our heart rates and breathing while we participated. We did activities together (playing games, watching videos) and separately (completing picture and word quizzes, surveys), and Sophie handled herself wonderfully in all the situations and tasks presented to her.  In fact, she went to bed this evening still talking about her favourite part of the study, when we opened a cupboard to reveal a monkey mask that talked to her about her day... I was so worried she would be frightened, but she was completely delighted and wanted to go back to the cupboard again and again, despite that element of the study being over! We've been told to expect a DVD in the mail soon with excerpts from our session followed by the overall study results when it has been completed (with the understanding that could be over a year from now). A fascinating way to spend the morning, and certainly a memorable one for Sophie!

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  1. Life is full of interesting things if you open your arms, your mind and your heart to them. Sophie is a lucky girl to have a mom who understands that and does something about it.