Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo of the Day April 29th

Today is one of the final days for the Change Bandits campaign, the annual fundraising initiative to support London's Children's Hospital. Chris has been collecting pledges for about two months now and has done a great job drumming up donations, so we popped down to the offices of local radio stations CJBK & BX93 for the "Change Bandit Bash" this afternoon. There were people dressed as bandits, lots of balloons and goodies, and even an appearance by a giant teddy bear mascot from the hospital named Doctor Bearygood (shown here cuddling with Sophie). In the short time we were there I'm sure we saw 40 or 50 people dropping off their change sacks full of money. Many of those dropping off money were children, which struck me as particularly touching... kids giving back to support other kids. 

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