Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photo of the Day April 8th

Chris and I enjoyed some "us time" this morning after dropping Sophie off at preschool... we dealt with some appointments and then went out for breakfast and for a walk downtown. One of the highlights of window shopping in downtown London has to be Novack's, an amazing store that's crammed to the rafters with fascinating outdoor equipment, travel gear, and general oddities. Where else but Novack's can you get your very own bright yellow curved plastic carrying case called a Banana Guard? I'm not making this up - if you don't believe me, click the link! Before heading in to discover what wonders were "in store" today, I snapped this shot of one of their many display windows... I was fascinated by the shoes with the separated toes. I bet my cousin Sandy would like these cool barefoot alternatives called Vibram Five Fingers since she loves toe socks!


  1. if the socks weren't bad enough!

    Lisa :-D

  2. That is a nice feeture those shoes have. I toetally love them. But not for me now or in the footure. I'm such a heel. And so funny it Achilles me.


  3. LOL!!! I would totally love them! They look so cool :)
    Hey - if you don't know what to get me for my
    b-day this year...

    Sandy :D