Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo of the Day April 30

Today was one of those crazy "days off" that make you feel like you need another day off to recover from it... we had so much running around to do, so many errands... it felt like the clock was ticking by at super speeds today. One of our errands (sandwiched between getting passport photos taken and going to the Children's Hospital to drop off the final Change Bandits donation) was to get Sophie's hair cut. We take her to Max & Oskars, one of those fun "kids only" hair salons equipped with funky chairs, balloons, and a selection of cartoons for children to watch while they get their hair done. It sure makes for a painless visit for all involved, and Sophie loves the experience so much that she'll often ask if we can get her hair cut if we happen to be out and we drive past the place! Today was a laugh-riot as always, with Sophie and her hairdresser Miss Gloria sharing a laugh over their Toopy and Binoo video.

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