Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo of the Day September 15th

Autumn has always signalled the start of apple-cooking season for me - I love making apple crisp, apple pies, and any other traditional warm-and-fuzzy apple recipes I can get my hands on. With that in mind I bought a 10lb bag of apples at the market last Saturday, and today Sophie and I made a dent in the bag by making two delicious treats. First we made an Apple Bundt Cake with a chunks of soft apples throughout and a nice crunchy topping (click here for a photo and my recipe). While the scent of the cake baking filled my kitchen we made these fun candy-apple inspired treats dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts. The photo makes it difficult to get a handle on the size of them, but they are indeed tiny - the "apples" are actually made using a melon baller to scoop just a small amount of flesh from the side of a whole apple. Each one can be eaten in one or two bites (depending on the size of your mouth of course!), and the bamboo skewers I've used as sticks help keep the chocolate from melting on your hands as you enjoy. Oh, the inspiration of autumn!

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