Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo of the Day September 1st

Sophie's new "snack bag", which matches her back-to-school backpack.
So here we are in September... my first "back-to-school" September to be specific. Whenever this month rolled around in the past I would think of it as the unofficial start of fall, the month of Chris's birthday, the Western Fair, the grape harvest at local vineyards and the Wine Festival in Niagara. But September has taken on a whole new meaning this year, with Sophie entering JK in just under two weeks... aside from working out our new routine, there's been the purchase of a new backpack, stocking up on reusable snack containers (Tecumseh is an EcoSchool, so we'll be sending only "litterless" snacks), and shopping for shoes that don't have laces so she can do them up herself. Sophie's so excited, and I'm sure we'll all do well with the transition to her "school-age" years... despite my sense of shock over it having arrived already!

1 comment:

  1. Jk goes by in a heartbeat.
    K to 8 in a flash.
    9 to graduation in a nanosecond.
    So enjoy it all while you can.