Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo of the Day September 26th

Saturdays are always my busy day, and with the car problems that sprung up yesterday this one got a whole lot more complicated. We were lucky that Chris's sister Mary let us borrow her car while she was at work, so after having our car towed to a garage just a few blocks away we headed out to the Market, the gym, Sophie's dance class, and to pick up a few last-minute items for Chris's birthday tomorrow (one of which is shown above... any idea what it is?) While I was checking things off our "to do" list I got a phone call from the garage breaking the bad news that our fuel pump was broken and had to be replaced... while hyperventilating over the price I was at least grateful that they had the required parts in stock and were able to make the repairs immediately. By 3pm I had stopped by the garage and signed over my first born child (kidding... but not by much) so I could take possession of my car and its new air pump. So we're back on track for the weekend and Chris's special day tomorrow - do you suppose I could get away with putting a bow around our car's engine and calling it a birthday present???