Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photo of the Day September 2nd

I absolutely love having Sophie help out in the kitchen while we're making dinner... it gives her a greater appreciation for what goes in to making the food we serve, and I'm hoping that it will encourage her to have a broad focus when it comes to the foods she eats. Like most kids she has strong affection for Kraft Dinner, Disney character shaped soup from a can and peanut butter, but she's just as likely to ask for sunflower seeds, hummus or slices of red pepper for snacks so I think she's got a leg up on some four-year-olds. Today we're making Broccoli Cheese soup with some veggies and cheese we bought at the market on Saturday, and I've decided to teach her more of the ins and outs of food prep. She's an expert at washing veggies in the colander (which often looks like playing with veggies in the colander - but whatever) and now we're talking about which veggies you peel and which you don't, complete with a convenient excuse to peel carrots. Once she understood the method she got a kick out of showing me how fast she could help me peel them - it reminds me of the fun she has using the salad spinner to dry lettuce - the faster she goes the more she giggles!


  1. *blush* Thanks guys!

    A side note (& proof that this theory doesn't always work), Sophie refused to eat more than a bite of the soup even after being so involved in the process of making it. She did wolf down the cheddar-ale bread that she and Chris made though...