Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo of the Day September 18th

After a very long (10 hour!) drive that included far too much construction for my tastes, we arrived safely in Petawawa early this evening for a visit with our friends Meaghan and Paul and their two beautiful girls. Poor Madeleine had been waiting patiently, checking the front window for us to arrive since coming home from school at 3pm, so when we finally showed up her excitement was heard throughout the neighbourhood... there were screams of "They're here!!! They're here!!!" and laughter ringing across the lawn before we even made it out of the car. The girls had a blast playing and running around the house, we all shared an excellent dinner, and the adults enjoyed some long-overdue catching up before collapsing into bed. Tomorrow morning we'll enjoy some more time together before taking off for Ottawa shortly after lunch... as I said to Meaghan before we arrived, this weekend is like some kind of "friendship hit & run" - we're here and gone before you really know what happened!

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