Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photo of the Day September 5th

Today was our official "errand day", and by the time it was over both Sophie and I were completely beat. We were out for almost 8 hours in total, and really needed some quiet, no-need-to-accomplish-anything time when we were done, so we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood before bed. A young boy of about three was walking ahead of us with his grandmother, and we caught up to them when they stopped in front of one of the houses on our street and started laughing. It turned out the object of their giggles was a small squirrel, little more than a baby, who was checking them out. Quite a brave little thing, he had run up to them when they walked past the house and was now following them down the sidewalk. When he saw us he bounded to where we were standing (I have to admit I had a quick National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation flashback and was prepared to bolt) and wandered around us for a bit before heading up the front steps of the home and watching us head down the street. Its rather bold nature makes me think it must have been raised by the people in that home, or at least hand-fed from when it was a tiny thing... I hope it stays safe out and about, despite its rather domesticated nature.

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