Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo of the Day September 25th

First let me say, this is not actually a food blog. I know, it looks that way sometimes... this is the third day in a row that our photo-of-the-day features a shot of something to eat! Its purpose is to share a simple snapshot of what was going on in our world each day - and while it often centres around our non-cooking-related activities, now that autumn has arrived I've gone into full gathering-of-nuts and lining-of-nest mode. Clearly my kitchen is my outlet, as whenever the leaves start to fall I feel compelled to bake and cook up a storm... so while this isn't a food blog, readers can expect lots of food entries in the weeks to come. After enjoying the smell of my apple spice muffins baking yesterday I felt the need to continue the baking trend today, and the little pie pumpkin I got at the farmers market two weeks ago was just begging to be turned into something yummy. After reading lots of recipes I settled on making a chocolate chip speckled pumpkin loaf, and since the natural side effect of working with fresh pumpkin is a whole bowl full of pumpkin seeds I seasoned and roasted those up too. The loaf turned out to be eye-rollingly good (you know, the kind of rich, decadent taste that leaves you moaning and turning your eyes skyward) with little rivulets of melted chocolate dripping across the top, and the seeds were such a hit with Chris and Sophie that they finished off the entire pumpkin's worth in just over an hour. Pretty successful use of an ingredient, I must say!

On a less comforting note, our car won't start. Chris went out this afternoon intending to drive to the grocery store for some of the ingredients I needed for another pumpkin recipe I plan to make (keep your eyes open, I'm sure it'll be photo-of-the-day soon), and the car wouldn't start. Turned over, but wouldn't catch... and unfortunately neither of us are "car people", so we're at a loss. That's usually an expensive place to be - we'll have to pay to have the car towed to a garage in the morning and just keep our fingers crossed that the mechanic we deal with 1) is honest and doesn't take us for a ride and 2) can find what's wrong and fix it at a reasonable price. I sure hope I'm not asking too much... it would be such a shame to have to spend Chris's birthday weekend without a car.

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