Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo of the Day September 9th

Sophie and Georgie have what I would call a "tenuous" relationship. For the most part Sophie loves George, and has said a few times that if we gave George away she would be sad (in response to Chris and I joking about sending George back to the farm when one of us get scratched or bitten). But if George invades Sophie's personal space, our little red-head shows her annoyance in a big way... this most often happens either at night when George climbs into bed with Sophie to listen at story time, or when Sophie's at the computer playing a game and George wants to climb up on her chair to get a better look at the screen. I'm pretty sure at least once a day I hear a very loud whine: "George... NO! Mom, George is bugging me!" I swear they act like siblings some times!

P.S. We're on pins and needles this evening... Sophie's first day of Junior Kindergarten is tomorrow!!!

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