Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photo of the Day September 8th

A couple of days ago I seeded three kinds of peppers and laid out the seeds to dry - checking them today proved they were dry enough to snap in half (which is apparently how you know they're ready). They're now safely packed in little labeled bags, ready to plant on a windowsill in the very early spring... and soon to join them will be the tomato seeds I wrote about here. The fermentation process was pretty easy and not as smelly as I anticipated, which mean I either have a higher tolerance for it than I thought, or I've done something wrong. The seeds are laid out to dry now, and I guess only spring will show whether this little project was successful. My final old-fashioned food project of the day was harvesting some horseradish root to make my own spicy horseradish. I'm not a huge fan of the stuff myself, but as many of you know my husband Chris is a fan of anything hot and spicy (hey, he married me, didn't he?) so I have a built-in market for it. I think I'll have a fair amount and it will be fresh and preservative-free, so if you would enjoy some and live close enough for me to drop it off in the next day or two I'm happy to share - please let me know!


  1. Horseradish! Summer you have the basis for a fabulous sea food sauce there! I love it with roast beef! You are becoming such an adventurous gardener. I'm so impressed. After all, I was there when you decided to sniff the hot pepper as a young teen and got the juices up your nose, much to the chagrin of your nerve endings there.

  2. Comment two:
    If you still have some left and would like to have another person to sample it, please bring to Ottawa!